I’m Jessica, or Jessie, or Jess; whichever you prefer. I’m a divorced single mom of 2, entrepreneur, Disney fanatic, and self taught cake decorator and party planner. I’m a bit OCD and a lot Type A, rolled into one energetic, God-fearing, determined, loud Italian.  I love to “be” creative, so cakes and parties are a great outlet for me. Cake decorating runs in the family: my late maternal grandmother Josephine made cakes, my mom Fran made cakes, and my cousin Carrie makes cakes. It’s a medium that brings a great deal of stress relief. Party and event planning has come pretty naturally, especially since my first child, my son, was born 7.5 years ago. The parties become a major, multi-month-planning, event. I love to spend hours surfing Pinterest and the web for awesome ideas to adapt to my own. I believe God has gifted each of us with a talent and a purpose; we just need to be brave enough to figure it out and run with it. I look forward to working with you to help make your events magical, unique, and delicious.

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