Chocolate Birthday Dreams

A chocolate lover’s dream! Paige LOVES chocolate so we loaded her chocolate birthday cake up with lots of chocolate goodies. Chocolate buttercream, chocolate shavings in the middle, chocolate cookies, chocolate truffles, and chocolate candy bar pieces. Thanks for letting me be your family baker, Cathlene! I appreciate you! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #chocolatecake #chocolateoverload

Chocolate Lover’s Dream

For the Love of Chocolate

What better way to celebrate hitting double digits than with your favorite cake! Peyton turned 10 on Friday and we loved making her chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. We also love being the Pauliny family baker 💗👩‍🍳. I appreciate you Cathlene! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #chocolatecake

Chocolate Cake