Who Doesn’t Love Apple Pie?

Just for Thanksgiving, we made a new creation: Apple Pie Cupcakes! When long time, regular client Erin wanted ‘something apple’ for her holiday gathering, we came up with these! Fresh apple cupcakes, filled with homemade apple filling, and topped with cinnamon swirl buttercream. Delish! Thanks for inspiration, Erin, and I hope your family enjoyed them!! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #applepiecupcakes

Apple Pie Cupcakes


Whatcha Baking?

On this episode of #inthekitchen we’ve got 2 different cupcakes baking tonight. Who’s got guesses?? #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #cupcakes #sneakpeek

Cupcake Sneak Peek


Sangria Birthday Cupcakes

Happy (early) birthday to me! Bakers make their own goodies, even on their birthday. Sangria cupcakes for an afternoon of fun at the winery. Vanilla cupcake with strawberries and apples baked into the batter, topped with a red wine reduction sangria buttercream, and garnished with orange slices and strawberries. #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #sangriacupcakes

Sangria Cupcakes


Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

These cute pumpkin patch cupcakes just scream “it’s fall y’all!” Half vanilla and half chocolate, vanilla buttercream, and sugar pumpkins were perfect to celebrate with coworkers. Thanks for the opportunity RooRoo! Hope everyone loved them! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #pumpkinpatchcupcakes

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes


Sunflowers 🌻 and Soccer ⚽️

Sunflower and soccer ball cupcakes sound perfect for fall soccer. Celebrating Emma and her soccer team, this assortment of vanilla, chocolate, and funfetti cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream did the trick, a hat trick that is! Thanks for the opportunity, Michelle! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #soccercupcakes #sunflowercupcakes 🌻🧁⚽️

Sunflower & Soccer Cupcakes 🌻🧁⚽️


Let’s Go,Vols!

Calling all college football fans! These chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and fondant/edible image toppers were perfect for birthday cheering last week. Go Tennessee Vols! Thanks for the opportunity Chelsea!! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #cupcakes #tennesseevols

Tennessee Vols Cupcakes