Cupcakes, Just Because

Living the cupcake life, ‘just because’. What an amazing flavor combo, Corrina! Yummy yellow cupcakes, with strawberry filling, and Nutella buttercream. 🤤 Thanks for the opportunity to cheer your sweet girl, and your friend, up #becausecovid. #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #cupcakes #nutellabuttercream

Nutella Cupcakes

Birthday Celebrations

What a joy to brighten a volunteer’s day on her birthday with these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with Nutella buttercream. Monica and her amazing staff and volunteers are doing amazing work in the Baltimore community with @bacfad . The meals they are providing to families during this time of pandemic, is both uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for the opportunity, and for all you do, Monica!! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #nutellabuttercream

Nutella Buttercream Cupcakes