Gamer Fun

Sweet Parker. I love how specific this cool little boy is when requesting his birthday cake from his ‘cake lady’, down to the color of the toppers. Happy 8th Birthday, little buddy! We love making your cakes. Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, fondant Minecraft tiles, and fondant figures. Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and fondant Roblox toppers. Thanks for the opportunity Cathlene! We love being your family baker/caker! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #minecraft #minecraftcake #roblox #robloxcupcakes

Minecraft Cake & Roblox Cupcakes


Gaming for kids is different from when we grew up. We had Super Mario Bros. Kids these days love ‘building’ things and they love Roblox. This 3-layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant accents was exactly what Mike wanted for his 7th birthday!! Thanks for the opportunity, Corinne! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #Roblox

Roblox Cake