Celebrating Teachers

School’s out for summer! The teachers did an amazing job this year amongst new rules and regulations. Showcasing this personal order for my kids’ teachers as part of their end of year gifts. Thank you to Mrs. Fellner and Mrs. Echternach for all your hard work and dedication this year. We hope you enjoyed your butter sugar cookies. #LikealotCakes #cookierlife #jesslife #teachergifts #sugarcookies #sunflowers #gerberadaisies

Flower Sugar Cookies

Welcome Back 🍎

Welcoming teachers and students back to school!! Teacher Kristi wanted to treat her colleagues with a sweet treat for their first week back with students. Buttery sugar cookies with lemony glaze. I’m sure they all did an amazing job! Thanks for the opportunity Kristi!. #LikealotCakes #cookierlife #jesslife #teachersrock #yougotthis

Welcome Back, Teachers!