The latest treats to leave the ‘shop’

One in a Melon

You’re one in a melon, Tessa! Celebrating year one with a watermelon themed strawberry cake and vanilla buttercream. Thanks for the opportunity Courtney!! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #oneinamelon #watermeloncake #firstbirthday

One in a Melon

Pinks & Purples

Happy birthday sweet Sadie girl!! I hope you enjoyed your chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream! Thanks so much for the opportunity Heather! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #cupcakes

Pink & Purple Cupcakes

‘Favorite Things’ Cupcakes

It’s wonderful to surprise your kids for their birthday. With a love of the trombone and their favorite football player Drew Brees, this mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with lemon buttercream did the job. Thanks for the opportunity Tallesha! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #pullapartcupcakes #trombone #drewbrees

Pull Apart Cupcakes

Death by Chocolate

Death by chocolate. Or just a birthday celebration for your main man. Thanks Kerry, for the opportunity to make this yellow cake, with whipped chocolate buttercream, chocolate candy and cookies, with candy pearls and sprinkles for your guy. #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #deathbychocolate

Death by Chocolate Cake

Caking a Quilt

We may not be able to stitch a quilt, but we can ‘cake’ a quilt. This hand-drawn pattern in buttercream, atop a lemon cake, with lemon curd filling and vanilla buttercream frosting, was the perfect birthday surprise for Megan’s mom. Thanks so much for the opportunity! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #quiltcake

Quilt Cake

30 Years Blessed

Vow renewals to celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss this weekend. Congratulations to Lisa and her husband who enjoyed this vanilla cake, with blueberry filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting and flowers. Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers to many more!! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #anniversarycake #vowrenewal

30 Years Blessed
Anniversary Cake

Not Your Typical Unicorn

Not all unicorns are sunshine and rainbows. Some are gothic with awesome deep shades of purple and teal. This was a fun one to make. Thanks for the opportunity Michelle! Strawberry cake with cream cheese buttercream and fondant accents. #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #gothicunicorn

Gothic Unicorn

Baby Wishes

When you’re having a baby during a pandemic, traditional baby showers are a no go. But you can have a virtual shower and have the cake delivered right to the momma-to-be. That’s what Rachel did for her friend Mackenzie. This vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream was perfect for the occasion. Thanks for the opportunity Rachel! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #babyshower

Simple Baby Shower Cake

Towson Graduate 🎓

This sweet girl. I remember when she was 10 years old. And yesterday she graduated Towson University with her BS, SLP degree. Even quarantine wouldn’t stop this family from celebrating. I’m so honored to have been able to make her cake. Congratulations Lizzie!!!! Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant accents. Thanks Stefanie for the opportunity! #LikealotCakes #cakerlife #jesslife #2020graduate🎓 #SLP

Towson Graduate 2020