Progress in the journey…

It’s been a while since I posted on the site. I very regularly post and update my Facebook page (check it out!) but not so much here. So here goes. 

Tuesday thoughts. Sometimes you need to take a step back and actually ponder and appreciate your progress in your journey. One thing I can say for sure is that although life throws all kinds of challenges, it is amazing to see how unbelievably blessed I am with how my business has taken off. I officially ‘launched’ this business in January of 2016 after making cakes here and there for friends and for my kids. In that time, I’ve gone from just word-of-mouth recommendations to actually advertising. I’ve gone from a few ‘likes’ by friends on my posts, to an average of 500 to 1100 likes per post and 231 ‘followers’. A fellow entrepreneur and friend posted to his Facebook page the other day to use social media for what it was created for, connecting people. And I’ve really tried to step my game up in that arena. Likealot Cakes is not only on Facebook and Twitter, but we now have a Pinterest page, and have finally joined the world of Instagram (right?!? I know it took forever for me to cave). I’ve also seemed to find a nitch in ‘mom world’. After all, I’m a mom. I have mom friends. Moms plan their kids, and their family’s, parties. Parties need cake. You get where I’m going. Through joining mom swap pages and mom groups online, that existing clients of mine are part of, I’ve blown open the door to opportunities for this small business of mine. Repeat customers now refer new (soon to become) repeat customers. And I couldn’t be more blessed and excited in where this journey is going. Don’t get me wrong, I still have LOTS to learn and a long way to go before I can make this my only career, but to appreciate and acknowledge where I am and how far I’ve already come, is a huge boost in confidence. I truly believe God blesses each of us with gifts and talents and for me, He blessed me with this gift to bake, cake, and create, so I’m lucky to be able to share that with others. If you’ve in any way been part of my journey, whether through verbal or spiritual support, or have actually ordered sweet treats from me, I thank you. You mean the world to me. Now, to keep on caking; there’s orders to be filled. 

Be blessed,

Jess 💗


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