Megan & Eric Silverman

“Jessica is a friend of ours and has been for many years. She is such a hard and dedicated worker, and as soon as we found out that she was starting her own business, we knew we had to support that any way we could.
Our sister in law is pregnant and due in March, and I was planning the baby shower Dana has been waiting for her entire life. When I contacted her to do the cake for Dana’s shower in January, she told me she wasn’t sure she could swing it due to her kids’ joint birthday party, and subsequently 2 cakes, the day before. I told her of course I understood and asked for referrals. After two days, she said she changed her mind and that she knew she could make it happen and she would do everything she could to do so.

Jess is so easy to work with, so cordial and flexible, professional and courteous. She’s reliable and responds to any and all questions quickly. She also does incredible work. She used a few pictures as inspiration and created not only a beautiful cake, but it also tasted phenomenal. Guests raved about the taste as well as the look. Jessica doesn’t disappoint and she doesn’t go back on her word. If a challenge arises, she’s quick to fix it and deliver on her promise and commitment. She is also incredibly fair on pricing as well. We won’t be ordering custom cakes elsewhere anymore, that’s for sure!”

Megan (& Eric) Silverman


Owl Baby Shower
Owl Baby Shower